Friday, 4 July 2008

Morning Campers

from a sunny Derby. What a lovely day. Thank you to whoever found the Sun and sent back.
More card making today WOOHOO ! Off to do some chores first BOOHOO !
I've got 1 or 2 ideas milling about in my head. Hopefully they'l look as good on cards as they do in my mind.
Off to sort me boy out. I'l pop in later for one of those choccie bics that calling me from the jar.
Have a lovely day !

Love Karen x

Ooops ! Sorry forgot to say thank you to my friends that left comments.


Viv said...

Put that biccy down Kaz!!!! LOL

We've got your sun over here in Cheshire and you can't have it back! Enjoy the Dabblers tonight!
Viv xx

Karen said...

What biccy ??? (as she brushes the crumbs from her mouth.) Me a biccy ! No way lol.