Monday, 14 January 2013

Well it happened ...

It snowed ! Although it looks like it's disappearing now. Just on the school website waiting to see if it's losed. Am hoping not as the weather really isn't that bad here. Don't think DS will look at it like that lol.
Well his wellies are on standby and ready to go lol.

Hubby is off again today but unfortunately he's got to mend the handbrake cable. Bet he wishes he'd done it yesterday when it was dry. Oh hum never mind.
Me ? Well I need to get some Valentines images coloured and made up ready for the MIL's shop and I got some new digi images the other day that I'd like to do so on with those.

Better go and get the boy up and ready for school as there's nothing on the website yet.

Back later.


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